Weekly Roundup: All About Autism...

April is Autism Awareness Month.  At this point in time, most people have heard of Autism, and likely even know someone with it (even if you don't know you do).  This past week I have been finding so many great blogs and posts about Autism I wanted to share with you.  

Some of these are happy posts, some, not so much.  I am a believer in presenting the entire picture of a medical condition, the good, the bad, the happy, the sad... So, here we go! 

1. On Laura's blog, Simply Laura Photography, she is doing an awesome project this month to show us how wonderfully unique children with Autism are! This will be ongoing throughout the month, so check back to see updates!  Children With Autism are as Unique as You or I. 

2. I stumbled across Please Do Not "Light it up Blue For My Son", a few days ago.  When I saw the title, I was a little... well, put off I suppose you could say... I mean, really, why wouldn't you be glad people are "lighting it up blue"?  But, once I read this post, and looked around This Outnumbered Mama a bit more, I really appreciate her point of view, and totally understand her thoughts on the subject.  She brings out some really important points... 

3.  I have heard many, many times that recognizing and diagnosing Autism in girls can be tricky.  Recognizing Girls on the Autism Spectrum is a very good post that points out many ways Autism is often missed in girls.  

4.  This post How to help a child with Autism points out so many things that could be done to "help" kids (but really, anyone on the spectrum), such as supermarkets offering days/times that are quieter and calmer... Really great read! 

There are so many incredible blogs, posts, articles and resources out there! I hope you find these useful! 

Till next week! Cheers!