Traffic/Income Report: March 2016

Well... March is... over... already.  Is it me, or is time suddenly going really fast?

Each month, I plan to write this report to keep track of how things are going.  I have seen many other bloggers doing similar reports, and I really like the transparency, plus, I ALWAYS learn something from the reports I read.  So; without further ado... let's get into the "numbers". 

How Was the Traffic? 

This is taken from Google Analytics for March 1 - 31st. 

Page views: 2, 923 (decrease of 956 views)
Avg. Session: 2:49 (increase of 50 seconds)
Bounce Rate: 69.58% (decrease of 9.52%) 

My page views decreased significantly last month, very disheartening.  I still feel I have not found my "tribe".  I  am not getting my blog in front of those who will really connect with it and find value in it. 

To find something good though, I am getting several return visitors, so that is fantastic! 

I got some organic traffic this month! Awesome! Pinterest has topped Facebook, which is what I have read many many times will happen eventually. 

How About Social Media/Marketing? 

At the end of March my stats were: 
Twitter: 625 (+227)
Facebook: 138 (+63)
Pinterest: 98 (+65)
Instagram: 25

So, you know how last month I was talking about how I was going to simplify, focus and all that jazz?  Well, after continuing to read post after post about the importance and power that is Instagram... I decided, ok, ok, I'll give it a go.  About a week ago, I created an account!  So far, it is pretty nice, and man, people put the most amazing images on it!  So, if nothing else, it is really pretty to look at!   
I have given up on StumleUpon for now.  I love to look at it to find intriguing things to read, but as far as marketing for my blog, I'm not sure what I'm doing, so thus I just decided to... stop. 

I do have a Google + page, but, the entire platform confuses me, and I can't even figure out how to follow people from my "business page", so, for now, I am not concentrating on that one either. 

I'm also on Bloglovin' but again, not sure how to market it... and I am tapped out at 4 social media accounts! 

Another thing I have read over and over is the importance of "finding a blogging community", some call it a "tribe" which I like better, so I will go with that!  Well, I have been frantically searching for my "tribe" since starting this.  I have joined several FB Blogging groups.  They all offer really amazing advice, but not many of them are focused on anything to do with what my blog focuses on, so though I have been participating and spending alot of time promoting in those groups, I am not seeing much return.  

But... finally, yes finally, I may be stumbling upon my "tribes".  First, I found a FB group that is right up my alley, and then I just joined the Chronic Illness Bloggers (and by just, I mean, like last night).  

What About the Money Part? 
Pic Monkey: $2.75 
123RF: $38.00
Buffer: $10.00 
Tailwind: $0 (using free account) 
Hosting: $0 (gift)
Total: $50.75 

I got all excited and set up a Hootsuite account.  Ummmm.... so, you know how sometimes you find something and you think, "Ya, this is way over my head?"... well, yep, that is Hootsuite for me... at this particular time, I can see how it is amazing, but, I would need some serious time to "learn" it... and with 4 little boys running around (and never going to bed), this is just not the "time". 

My brother is working on my new site/design as I type, so, hopefully, by next month the new and improved will be up and running! 

Which leads me into... the... 

Amazon Associates: $0
Total: $0.00

But, again, still not doing any "monetizing" until my traffic is a little higher and my new site is up and running! 

I have many amazing stories to share in April! 

Till next time! Cheers!