15 Thoughts I've Had Since Being Diagnosed With Cancer...

Kathy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in April of 2015.  She has kept family and friends updated on her journey via Facebook.  The following are a few thoughts she has shared (with permission) over the past year.  
1.  "Just remember, no matter what this world sends us, never forget to love strong, laugh hard, give great big tight hugs, and never stop smiling."

2.  "I've been doing a lot of thinking."

3.  "I'm very grateful for everything but sometimes I'm frustrated with how life has changed so much."


5.  "I am grateful every day that I have another day to hug and see my family."

6.  "In life we have hard times to deal with, but remember God is love and strength."

7.  "I have done a lot of praying and thinking about my life."

9.  "I have decided not to do anymore treatments.  It is very hard on my body and takes a long time to get over it."

10.  "I want to see some good friends I have not seen in years, I can't do that if I'm doing treatments."

11.  "I love all of you for being there for me."


13.  "I plan to still be around for awhile.  I just want to be stronger."

14.  "My cancer has no cure."


Today's guest poster is Kathy Rowden.  She is the mother of 4, grandmother of 14 and great grandmother of 1.  She hopes that by sharing her story she can help other people and feels that if it only helps one person, it will have been worth it. 

If you would like to share your story, please contact me at vicky@livingthediagnosis.com. 

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