Weekly Round Up: March 7th - 11th

I have decided to start a new feature!  

As I was re-reading my original idea for this site, one of my biggest reasons for starting it was to connect my readers to blogs/sites dealing with particular diseases, conditions, syndromes, etc for easy reading.

With that said, I am going to do a "Weekly Round Up" that will feature the a few of the articles I have read this week pertaining to one subject for a quick reference list!

March has several awareness campaigns, one of which is National Kidney Month.  This week, the articles below will all deal with information related to the renal system, in one way or another!

This story is like many that I have read over the years about kidney disease, it is quiet and sneaks up on people.  Really great read!  Enjoy! 

The Perfect Match - Our Kidney Transplant Story found on Jenny at Dapperhouse. 

What I Would Tell  

Wonderful and detailed list about how approach life after a diagnosis of kidney disease. 

Found on Davita, Living With Kidney Disease: 20 Tips For A Good Life 


There is so much research out there about diet being so important for our health.  I love finding great tips about foods that help different body systems.  As I am always striving to eat better (I have A LONG WAY to go), I found this really great! 

14 Foods To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy found on Style Craze. 

A Day in the Life

This is a really informative post about What You Can Expect When Starting Dialysis found on Big D and Me. 


This is a really moving letter written to his donor's family after receiving a kidney transplant in 1989. 

An Open Letter to my Donor Family 

Happy reading and happy Friday! Have a fantastic weekend!