Traffic/Income Report: February 2016

Each month, I plan to write this report to keep track of how things are going. I have seen many other bloggers doing similar reports, and I really like the transparency, plus I ALWAYS learn something from the reports I read. So without further ado... let's get into the "numbers". 

How was the traffic? 

This is taken from Google Analytics for Feb. 1 - Feb. 29, 2016.  

Pageviews: 3, 879
Avg. Session: 2:19
Bounce Rate: 79.10% 

I only increased my page views by 396 this month.  My average session went way down and my bounce rate increased significantly. All in all, kinda bummed! 

As far as traffic, Facebook continues to dominate, but Pinterest is coming up. And, I seem to be getting some organic traffic... so that is good! 

How About Social Media/Marketing?

At the end of February the stats were: 

Facebook: 75 Likes (+ 15 this month)

Twitter: 398 Followers (+ 209 this month)
Pinterest: 33 Followers (+25 this month) 
Stumble Upon (just set it up in early March, so not counting it yet). 

So, again this month, my biggest social media growth has come from Twitter, but it still does not drive traffic to my site. Incredibly perplexing... 

I went a little crazy and signed up for Linked In and a couple other social media accounts, but soon realized, I was doing too many... and poorly! So, I have decided to just focus on the 4 I mentioned above for now and do a "good job". 

I must say, I am pretty sure I have not found my target audience on social media yet though. Still looking for it! 

I have found some really amazing blogs who happen to host linky parties that have helped traffic. 

Love that Max - Fridays 

Disability Thinking  and  Two Thirds of the Planet -  alternate weeks hosting and the link parties begin on Fridays. 
Being Fibro Mom - Fridays 

These parties are dealing with medical based subjects though, which makes sense. Another proof to me that I have not quite found or "zeroed in" on those who will really enjoy my blog/site! 

How About That  Money Part?

Pic Monkey: $2.75 

123RF: $38.00
Buffer: $10.00 
Tailwind: $0 (using free account) 
Hosting: Free (gift)
Total: $50.75 

I decided to go ahead and upgrade my Buffer account. And, I am already glad I did! I can take a chunk of time (usually Sunday) and schedule my accounts for the week! It has been a good thing already! 

I think Tailwind is awesome! But, I still haven't quite gotten my flow with using Pinterest to its full potential! I'm working on it day by day! 


Amazon Affiliates: $0

Total: $0.00

As per last month, I am waiting until my new "site" is up and running before I delve into any more types of blog monetization.  I also have to get my traffic numbers up to apply for a few of the programs I would like to. 

I am still amazed at the fantastic stories being shared!  As I've said, "No one can tell you about a medical condition better than someone living it!"... and as the stories show, I think that is very true! 

This continues to be such a wonderful thing to do, and I love when I tell people about it and they are excited to check it out!  I hope this is turns into something truly helpful for others! 

I'm looking forward to another month of amazing stories to be shared during March!