Frozen Peaz TheraPeaz Eye Mask Review: For Headache Relief

As a headache sufferer for many years, I have always employed ice as one of my many therapies of choice. Over the years, I have used many, many types of ice to help. I've done ice cubes or snow in a ziploc bag, regular store bought ice packs, but my most trusted and favorite has always been a sack of frozen peas. 

Yep, I love way the little peas move around to conform to my head, and they stay cold for a good amount of time. However, once they thaw, they start to stink and when you "refreeze" them, you are left with chunks of ice that plays havoc on the way they conform to your head. 

So... imagine my intrigue when I stumbled upon a company by the name of Frozen Peaz on my Twitter feed. I saw the picture of someone with an ice pack on their head, so I just had to click on over to the website! 

I began browsing the products. I really just wanted to see if they had a smallish, simple ice pack type product. I wasn't looking for anything super big and obtrusive as I want to put it on my head and I don't have that much freezer space. Turns out they have several sizes to choose from. After looking at all the options, I finally decided on the TheraPeaz Eye Mask. 

The TheraPeaz eye mask costs $12.50. Honestly, at first I was a little hesitant, as a bag of frozen peas at the grocery store costs... like 1/6 of that. But, once I started thinking about how often I would use it and the fact it shouldn't start stinking and I won't have to replace it several times, the cost made total sense! So, into my shopping cart it went. 

The purchase, confirmation of order, and shipping all went very well (and they ship to Alaska!).  I received it pretty quickly.  

Once I opened it, I found the instructions (which are on the pack itself, so helpful as I tend to lose instructions) and it needed to be frozen for at least 4 hours before the first use.  

The other great aspect is it can be microwaved to use as a heat pad.  I was really happy about that as I like to use both cold and heat therapy on my headaches! 
Inside the bag are little "peas" surrounded by what is called Clear Ice Solution (patent pending).  According to the FrozenPeaz website, "Unlike gel-based glycerin beads, our VirtualPeaz™ are a proprietary glass-like material that does not break down with repeat use or microwaving."

So in the freezer it went.  It stayed in its frozen home a few days as I was lucky enough not to have a bad headache.  But, as they always do, one finally came.   

After I took all my medication and applied my essential oils, I got my new ice pack out of the freezer, took it to my room, laid down and placed it on my left temple. 

At first it was stiff, so I took it off my head and "kneaded" it a bit with my fingers then put it back on.  And just like that, it conformed to my head like my trusted package of frozen peas. 

It stayed cold for a good half an hour.  Ideally, I would like it to stay cold longer, but even my frozen peas get warm and mushy about then.

I didn't put it back in the freezer for a good 6 hours as I was sleeping, and it didn't start to stink like my frozen peas do.  After I got up I put it back and it froze up again with out any issues. 

I really like the sleeve it comes with.  It is 100% cotton flannel, and is quite soft.  Plus, you have the option of purple or green, so that is nice! 

Overall, I really like it!  Oh, and so do my boys! They have been getting several "ow-wee's" so they have to use the "peaz" lately!  

So, if you have headaches... or any aches... and like to use frozen peas as an ice pack... take a look at Frozen Peaz, I think you'll like them! 

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own, I am NOT being compensated for this post.  I just found this brand and wanted to share my experience with it.  

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