5 Things I'd Tell You About Wearing a Palatal Expander: From an 8 Year Old's Perspective...

My 8 year old son has been wearing a Palatal Expander for a few months now. He wanted to share his feelings about it with everyone, and I thought, hey, no one can explain it better than the person wearing it! So, without further ado, here we go! 

 1. The Dental Spacers Are Really Annoying...
Dental Spacers
They really hurt getting put in. My mouth hurt for about two whole days after getting them in. Also, I kept trying to "knock them out" with my tongue. One time it felt like I did knock one out, and my Mom rushed us back to the orthodontist to make sure it was ok. They reassured my Mom and told us it was fine that it was "hanging down" a little!

2. The Palatal Expander is a Pain in the Mouth !

As in, it is frustrating to me because food gets stuck in it all the time. But... it doesn't actually hurt!

3. The Key Turns Hurt Because There is A LOT of Pressure...
turning key on palatal expander
Each time it gets turned the pressure really hurts my mouth for about five seconds. Also, my Mom and Dad almost always "stab" the back of my mouth with the "key". Plus, I have to bend my neck really far back for them to get the key in.

4. I Hope You Don't Have to Get One...

I say this just because it is a pain in the mouth!

5. After a While, You Get Used To It !

The good news is that after you have worn it for probably two weeks you get used to it and can't even really feel it. But then you get a piece of food stuck and you remember! But, I've been wearing mine for about 3 months now, and it isn't too bad anymore. I am looking forward to getting rid of it though! 

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