Battle at the White Throne: Tips for Surviving the Stomach Flu

Sometimes even with all the preparation and prevention in the world, we simply get hit with the stomach flu. 

Here are a few ways to survive. 

1. Divide and Conquer Stat

Set up a quarantine area as soon as possible.  And try to keep bathrooms separated between sickies and non-sickies (if possible).  

Assign kids a pillow and blanket and... a bucket.  Try to encourage everyone to stay in one place (good luck with the kids). 

Replace toothbrushes. 

2. Hydrate

This is hard, of course as you are currently wanting to do anything but drink.  But, it is so important. 

Water is good, Gatorade (or similar) is good for adults and Pedialyte (or similar) is good for the kiddos.  Also, the adults can drink the Pedialyte too, so you only have to use one! 

3. Consume Bone Broth 

Homemade bone broth is an excellent way to restore minerals and nutrients lost during your time visiting the white throne. 

Here is a really fast tutorial, but if you want more detailed instructions go here

Step 1: 

Add 5 lbs of Beef Bones to Slow Cooker. Add a few shots of Apple Cider Vinegar or the juice of one lemon. Fill Slow Cooker with water (filtered is best). 

Step 2: 

Cook on Low heat for 24 hours. 

At this point you can add a few veggies and some seasonings for flavor. The great news is you won't be eating these, so just put them in: 

Sweet Onion
Sea Salt 

Cook an additional 12 hours. 

Step 3: 

At 30 hours of cooking time, check to see if the marrow has fallen out of the bones. If not, you may have to "knock it out" with a fork. 

Step 4: 

Turn off, let it cool for a couple hours. Skim off the veggies and big stuff. 

Step 5: 

Drain through a mesh colander. 

Step 6: 

You can store in many types of containers, but glass mason jars seem to be a popular choice. 

**Opinions vary, but you should be able to store this about one week** 

4. Start BRAT Diet Once You Can Handle Solids 

**It seems the BRAT diet is falling out of favor with many people.  But, for me, with my carbohydrate LOVING kids, the options work really well** 

B - Banana 
R- Rice 
A- Applesauce
T- Toast 

5. Accept the Sickness, Rest and Heal (as much as possible) 

Even though you feel like you are knocking on deaths door, just realize you and everyone else  is sick.  Tempers will be short, feelings will get hurt easily, and life will be rough for a while. 

Most times, thankfully the "stomach flu" is self limiting and will pass (though it feels like it may not).  But... if anyone shows signs of dehydration contact your doctor.

Dry mouth, crying without tears, no urine output for 4-6 hours, sunken eyes, blood in stool, abdominal pain, vomiting more than 24 hours, vomit that is consistently green, fever greater than 103, less activity than usual, babies soft spot appears sunken.  

Increased thirst, dry mouth, weakness, dizziness, palpitations, confusion, sluggishness, fainting, decreased urine output. 

I hope you feel better soon! 


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