When I was in nursing school we studied illness by way of text book. Of course, learning this way provides the basic knowledge of what the disease is, the signs and symptoms, how to diagnose and how to treat.

But... I wanted to know what happened after the diagnosis was made. So, I would dutifully read my text, but then I would seek out personal blogs from people who were actually living with the diagnosis.

As a future nurse, I wanted to understand how people dealt with the day to day. How did these things impact their lives? Was there a ton of medication to be given? Who did it? Were there therapies to go to? What kind? How often? As you can see, I just had lots of questions.

As a mother who has had to deal with several medical "adventures" (failure to thrive, clubfeet, g-tubes, ADHD, allergies, etc)... I know finding stories of others is so valuable when faced with something that can rock our current world.

I decided to create this blog for anyone interested in "what comes next", to explore what you may encounter as you embark on your new journey and provide resources to make the transition a little smoother.

This is not meant to be an education site on disease, illness, syndromes, etc. Although there will be some medical jargon along the way, I want it to be easy for everyone to read and enjoy.

For now, there will be four "categories" to read about. Stories, A Day In The Life. Tips/Tricks, and Resources (usually blogs) for further reading. You can find the tabs at the top of the blog, and the condition types at the side of the blog. 

I have also included a tab at the top with instructions of how you can share your experience. 

With that said... please read on. 

Disclaimer: This blog is meant to be a way to learn about what it is like to live with different diseases, conditions, syndromes, etc. It is in no way meant to be used as medical advice. Please always contact healthcare professionals about any questions you may have pertaining to your health.