Clubfoot Tips and Tricks

Here are some things we have found helpful in our journey with Clubfeet: 

During Casting

1. During the cast changes, our little guys liked to suck on a binkie dipped in sugar water. 

2. Cut the foot off an adult tube sock and use the "tube" to put over the casts to help keep the "poop" off the casts. 

3. Really moisturize the legs/feet between cast changes. Coconut oil works well (if there are no reactions to it). 

4. Putting ice on the casts seems to help reduce itching. 

During Boots/Brace Phase

1. Onesies and baby leg warmers are really great pajamas during the boots/brace phase, makes middle of the night diaper changes much easier. 

2. When putting the boots on, position the heel all the way to the back of the boot and fasten the middle strap first. Then tighten the others, and you can probably get that middle strap a bit tighter after getting the others on. 

3. Really take advantage of the "time out" of the boots/brace. Exercise the foot, massage the feet/legs. 

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